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Yukali Yacht Survey and Expertise

We offer a range of specialist professional services tailored to the needs of today’s boat buyer and owner
Independent impartial advice regarding the factual condition of the craft

Our Activities

Condition Survey

Pre-Purchase, Insurance, Valuation, Finance, General Condition, Hull only, Damage.

We are assessors of condition. We detect and quantify defects and put them into context. We inform our Client with a very detailed expertise report.
The condition of the pleasure craft becomes very clear to the Client. That is our aim.

Insurance and Acceptance Survey

Should damage have occured to floating property,
we provide damage reports for insurance purposes.
Leaks, grounding, fire, collisions, sinking, instability while hauled out or on fair ground, etc.

Acceptance and Conformity/Safety Inventory/Navigational Areas.

Specialized Survey

On demand, we can provide for specialized surveys. Transport and Shipment as well as Accident Investigation Surveys.

Yukali Yacht Survey & Expertise remain completely impartial and independent.
One side only.

Procedure - General Terms and Conditions - Prices


After the initial contact, we mail all information to the client. An assignement results and an appointment for the survey is made. The Client gets the expertise report 3 workings days later. It is a clear and straightforward process, a nice experience.

Terms and Conditions

Our General Terms and Conditions govern the contractual relationships between Expert and Client and should be read and understood. They must be accepted in writing by the Client prior to the expertise.


LOA max 10 meter = 65 €/meter
LOA max 12 meter = 70 €/meter
LOA max 14 meter = 75 €/meter
LOA max 16 meter = 80 €/meter

Partial Survey = 95 €/hour with minimum of 3 hours

Prices exclude travel costs

Yacht Survey en Expertise
  • Ultrasonic skin thickness measurement on metal vessels. Osmosis, delamination and moisture measurement in FRP/wood/laminate vessels. Steering and engine installations, shafts and bearings, interior, keel fixation, electrical installation, rudder bearings, seacocks and thru-hull systems. Valves and hoses above and below the waterline, antifouling and paint systems, running and standing rigging and sails. Bulkheads and longitudinal connections, scepter placement, deck construction, winches and deck fittings.

  • Each component or aspect is thoroughly investigated and evaluated for functionality over time. Even with a partial inspection, the scope of the expertise is clearly laid down in advance. Maintenance recommendations and any costs are also always indicated.

  • An inspection gives you perfect reassurance.
    A cool view by an independent and impartial expert works wonders.
    We, Yukali Yacht Survey & Expertise, are NOT brokers.

  • As a member of Imarest - The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology -
    Yukali Yacht Survey and Expertise is currently engaged in Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
    for marine professionals.